I am passionate about helping make Iowa a place of opportunity for young families and lifelong Iowans. I know we can do more to bring people to, and keep people in, our great state.

Iowa will continue to be a beacon for job growth. From 2004 to 2013, Iowa outpaced the nation in the growth of middle and high-skilled jobs. We’re producing more STEM related graduates, and need to support job growth and our workforce. We can do that with a three-pronged approach with our policies: Encouraging innovators and entrepreneurs, growing our existing industries, and attracting and training our workforce.

The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. We need to have a funding model for our schools that supports innovation in the classroom and accountability for those who are leading our students to the future. An open line of communication between our policymakers and those who serve our school districts and in our classrooms will help us make the grade for Iowa’s students.

We have to live within our means. The state should too. Your money is better spent by you, than by the government. We need to carefully look at how we can spend wisely, and find ways to be more efficient with taxpayer resources. Your resources. We need to make sure we are funding things in a sustainable and fiscally responsible manner to preserve the future of our great state.

I believe in the value of community. I have spent the past decade getting to know my community by giving of my time and support to dozens of non-profits and community organizations. I proudly serve my community, and know the value of what can happen if you contribute your time to the place you live, work, and play.

As a journalist, it was my job to listen, analyze, and present facts in a balanced way. I plan to take this approach to Des Moines. It’s important to me that no matter who I work with, I treat them with respect. That foundation will help me as your representative to find common ground when possible. Then as policymakers, we can serve the best interests of Iowans, and those in District 67. Throughout my career, I have helped tell the stories of our community. Now, I want to make sure that everyone feels heard and is heard by serving as your state representative.