2016 Caucuses: A great day to be an Iowan, and a candidate

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HD67 Candidate Ashley Hinson speaks with a veteran at the Doubletree on Caucus Day. (February 1, 2016)

HD67 Candidate Ashley Hinson speaks with a veteran at the Doubletree on Caucus Day. (February 1, 2016)

What a whirlwind this week has been. Monday was the first time I was able to participate in the Iowa Caucus process. For the last decade in my career, I spent caucus night in the newsroom, watching results come in and reporting on the candidates. This year, I am one of those candidates. It made for an interesting caucus day and night.

I started the day with a campaign volunteer, Heather. She spent the entire day helping me make sure I was stocked on information cards and notepads. I was able to meet dozens of voters at the Doubletree Convention Complex as part of the pre-caucus rally.

Five different caucus sites housed voters from District 67, and as a candidate, the process allowed me 5 minutes or so to speak at each site. I visited New Covenant Bible Church, New Life Community Church, St. Mark’s Lutheran, Alburnett High School, and the Linn County Fairgrounds in Central City (although things were done by the time I made it out there).  I spoke about the need to make sure we keep a rainy day fund for the leaner times, and make sure we don’t overspend your tax dollars. I talked about my personal investment in making sure my children get the best education possible. My oldest, Maxwell, will enter kindergarten next school year. I am passionate about making sure he, his brother Jackson, and any child who goes through Iowa’s school system is able to excel beyond their wildest dreams.

ashley new covenant

Ashley Hinson speaking to a record caucus-night crowd at New Covenant Bible Church in Cedar Rapids on February 1, 2016.


I was able to share my vision for some of the things I hope to do as a legislator. I am also proud to say I’ll be pushing to ensure Fine Arts are a part of the well-rounded education our Iowa students receive. I think the S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focus should instead be S.T.E.A.M. (the A being for Arts). I’ve been looking at research, which shows the difference it can make for math, reading, and parental engagement. It is something I hope to work with the Iowa Alliance for Arts Education on going forward. It will give our students the tools to fully “steam” ahead.

I have ideas and goals for day one, and I hope you’ll support me in getting there! If you could donate just $20.16, it will help me to continue to get my message out to voters door-to-door.