Ashley’s Angle: Week Four 1/29/18

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Trusted. Proven. Leader.

Thank you so much for entrusting me to represent Iowa House District 67. I am proud to represent people from Marion, Robins, Hiawatha, and Cedar Rapids.


Saving the SAVE

Iowa House Republicans are leading the way in Education policy. This week, Speaker Upmeyer, Leader Hagenow, Education Chair Rep. Rogers, and I led a news conference, unveiling our ideas for an education package. I am working specifically to “Save the SAVE”, to ensure schools have long term predictability for infrastructure.


Legislative Business

Prioritizing Education
As I briefly discussed above, this week Speaker Upmeyer, Leader Hagenow, Education Chair Rep. Rogers and I led a news conference that described our priorities in Iowa education. In this conference, we prioritized the importance of funding, flexibility, and infrastructure. Our package includes another increase in K-12 funding, a proposed transportation equity fund to help districts that have to spend more dollars to transport students, the SAVE extension proposal, and additional flexibility measures to allow more decision making on the local level for specific “pots” of dollars. We are currently drafting legislation for these priorities, and you can read more about our proposals here.
Updates in Transportation

In my previous newsletter, I highlighted a couple of bills that I managed through the subcommittee process. In Week One’s newsletter, I described a bill that would create a voluntary notification and payment system that utilizes the convenience of text messaging. With this system, you would be able to receive important information in regards to your citation. Additionally, I also described a bill in Week Three’s newsletter that would repeal the sunset provision of an already-in-place bill that authorizes Iowa-based motor carriers that operate their own Commercial Drivers License (CDL) training program to also conduct their own driving skills test that a driver must pass to get their CDL.

In this week’s Transportation committee meeting, I presented both of these bills to the other committee members. I amended the texting bill to give the judicial branch some time to try to launch a text notification and payment system through their existing “e-pay” platform, but also set a “Trigger” to send the process to a traditional bidding process with a vendor if they don’t comply within 2 years. The CDL bill did not see any changes from its original form. Both bills were passed out of the committee with all members voting in favor of each bill. It was great to see the complete, bipartisan support that each of these bills received.


Updates in Judiciary

Last week, I was assigned to a subcommittee bill that was tasked at looking at HSB 507, which would update our laws to hold people accountable for using card skimmers/devices to steal your personal financial information. More specifically, a person commits a class “D” felony under the bill if the person directly or indirectly uses a scanning device to access, read, obtain, memorize, or store, temporarily or permanently, information encoded on a payment card without the permission of the authorized user, the issuer of the authorized user’s payment card, or a merchant. Additionally, it would also be a class “D” felony to be in the possession of a scanning device.This week, the bill was presented before the whole judiciary committee. I am happy to report that this bill also received full support, holding those who are trying to steal your information for nefarious purposes accountable. Keeping you safe and your information protected is a priority for me.

Bill of the Week

The bill of the week is… HJR 2003.

HJR 2003 is a bill that would enact a law otherwise known as “Marsy’s Law”. Marsy’s Law is named after Marsalee “Marsy” Nicholas. Marsy was stalked and killed by her ex-boyfriend in 1983. Only a week after she was murdered, her mother and brother, Henry T. Nicholas, walked into a grocery store after visting Marsy’s grave where they saw the accused murderer. The family had no idea he had been released on bail. He remained free on bail until his conviction. Dr. Henry Nicholas has made it his mission in life to give victims and their families across the country constitutional protections and equal rights.

As Iowa is one of just 15 states where victims have no rights enumerated in their constitutions, I authored the legislation along with Representative Marti Anderson. We have worked together in a bipartisan effort to craft a bill that would put the rights of crime victims and defendants on equal footing. By passing a constitutional amendment for victims’ rights, victims and their families would be able to receive information about their rights and the services available to them, have the right to receive notification of proceedings and major developments in the criminal case, and have the right to receive timely notifications of changes to the offender’s custodial status. Again, I am committed to protecting defendants rights, but believe we need to also protect the rights of victims in this state.

If you have any questions about this or any other bill, please feel free to contact me. You can find the full text of the bill here: HJR 2003.

I chaired the Subcommittee for “Marsy’s Law” on Wednesday in the Iowa House Lounge. It was a full house with lots of good information presented about the bill.


Meeting with Linn-Mar

It was great to catch-up with Linn-Mar Superintedent Quintin Shepherd, and School Board members Rachel Wall, Sondra Nelson, Cara Lausen, and Clark Weaver. We continued conversations about SAVE and ESA’s.


Get Involved!

I am continuing to develop my Constituent Advisory Committee.
The group is comprised of people I could email or call to ask questions about specific policy questions. If you would like to join, please email my legislature email ( and let me know what your area of expertise is and how I could get in touch with you.
From Education, Judicial issues, Medical, Energy, and Tax policy, I want your input in the process.