2016: A great year ahead!

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Happy New Year!

I know we all face the reality every year– a new year, means new resolutions. This year– I find myself in an especially important spot. I’m resolving to work smarter and harder than ever before.

Launching into my campaign has put my family in an unique situation– we’re now on one income. I unfortunately couldn’t remain on the air and run for office, so I had to give up what I loved in order to do something else I think is incredibly important– serving my community and my state.

The change is forcing us to make good financial decisions (we did before– but are even more stringent now!). Where before we might have allowed an expense, we now are questioning everything, and making sure we’re tight and staying within our budget. It’s the same approach I have to our state and its budget. The state needs to “live within its means” and be fiscally responsible. I embrace the idea of asking where every tax dollar is going, and support the following ideals put out by Iowa House Republican Leadership:

  • We need to ensure that the state does not spend more money than the state takes in.
  • We shouldn’t use one-time money to pay for on-going expenses.
  • We shall not intentionally underfund entitlement programs to balance the state’s budget.
  • We need to return unused tax dollars to Iowa’s taxpayers. It is your money.

These points have been a great guide for our existing legislature to get the state back on a fiscally responsible track. We can do more to ensure we stay on that path. I’m excited to hear of a group of lawmakers going through the budget and making sure expenses are still relevant, and are doing what they’re supposed to do. We need that kind of accountability. The resources that aren’t being used wisely there, are definitely needed elsewhere. As a journalist, it was my job to ask questions and hold people accountable. As your lawmaker– it will be my job to do the same.